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In today’s growing market it is prudent to assess your business costs. Do not take for granted what you paid last year as the cost of doing business. HBS will validate what you are currently paying and provide opportunities for savings. The ability to remain competitive plays a vital role in the direction and success of your business.

Client Praise

Attention to detail and client-centric service is the heart of our business. Hear from our satisfied customers who HBS has helped save millions.


“HBS has allowed Lutheran Social Ministries of New Jersey to reduce energy costs significantly over the last several years. A collaborative partner worth having in your corner, now more than ever, in this volatile global energy market.”

Gary E. Jacques

Director Purchasing and Plant Operations, Lutheran Social Ministries of New Jersey


“As Owner/Managers of over 35 professional office buildings, Nightingale Realty LLC has trusted Hutchinson Business Solutions. George and his team have saved our properties around the country hundreds of thousands of dollars annually by assessing, bidding and negotiating energy and communication contracts.”

Mike Murray

Director of Engineering, Nightingale Group


“George is an outstanding individual who I have known for over thirty-five years. His company HBS, can provide extensive cost saving solutions for your business, such as saving on energy cost, payroll taxes, workman’s comp insurance, or a whole host of other cost saving advantages that affect your business. The versatility of HBS allows them to dig into all cost associated to running a business. I highly recommend HBS, you will be surprised by the cost savings.”

Dean Ragone

Retired CEO/Co-Owner,

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