establish long-term goals to
control Insurance costs while
maintaining the integrity of your plan

The combined cost of business package policies and medical insurance for employees may now constitute up to 30% of total overhead costs for a company.

Senior executives and owners question how they can control costs and maintain the integrity of their coverage. Several options are currently available such as partially self-insuring certain coverage and increasing deductibles. HBS helps you explore all options. We can establish long-term goals to control costs while maintaining the integrity of your plan.

Insurance costs continue to trend
(or increase) at 10% to 20% per year

Business Insurance

Business insurance protects you and your business with coverage for claims related to allegations of negligent activities or failure to use reasonable care. A business package policy offers Property, General Liability, Automobile, Workers Compensation, and Umbrella coverages. This coverage must be renewed and reviewed annually. As insurance costs continue to increase HBS continues to offer viable options.

Professional Liability

Professional Liability insurance provides protection against claims that the policyholder becomes legally obligated to pay because of an error or omission in his/her professional work. Also known as Errors and Omissions insurance, this type of professional liability insurance is critical to your business. E&O insurance responds to claims of professional liability in the delivery of your technical services. Allow us to customize an Errors and Omissions insurance policy for you that is affordable and effective.

Employee Benefits 

While employers are struggling to deal with rising costs, they express strong support for the system of employer-based coverage. Three in five employers (59%) say it is very important to provide health insurance to their employees or contribute to the cost. Of employers who offer coverage, two-thirds (67%) say it improves employee health, and three-fifths (61%) say it improves employee morale. A large majority of employers who offer coverage feel it is important for employee recruitment.

“George is an outstanding individual who I have known for over thirty-five years. HBS, can provide extensive cost saving solutions for your business, such as saving on energy cost, payroll taxes, workman’s comp insurance, or a whole host of other cost saving advantages that affect your business. The versatility of HBS allows them to dig into all costs associated with running a business. I highly recommend HBS, you will be surprised by the cost savings.”

Dean Ragone
Retired CEO/Co-Owner, allRisk Property Damage Experts