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Girard Estate

      “Thanks for getting me through the recent change in 3rd party providers.  The process was very easy with Direct Energy and the pricing was great.  Being a non-profit organization, the savings was great!”

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“As Owner/managers of over 35 professional office buildings, Nightingale Realty LLC has trusted Hutchinson Business Solutions. George and his team have saved our properties around the country hundreds of thousands of dollars annually by assessing, bidding and negotiating energy and communication contracts.”

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Manny Nowak

“George is one of the best when it comes to finding ways to save your organization cash! Whether it is communications, payroll/sales taxes, gas or electric, if you want to find the best answer, this is your guy.”

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“George Hutchinson realizes he is in one business and one business only – and that’s the business of ‘Service Delivery’. HBS delights the customer.”

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“I have worked with George for over 10 years on communications, energy and unemployment taxes which resulted in substantial savings for our company over the years. I highly recommend him to other companies.”

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“Excellent Service! A real boon to us, especially as we are a nonprofit and all the savings we can do make a difference to those we serve.”

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“I am so glad to be working with George, we can use all the help we can get. At least this is one thing we don’t have to worry about. I feel bad for people that don’t have George to guide them thru this tough stuff.”

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“George is an outstanding individual who I have known for over thirty five years. His company HBS, can provide extensive cost saving solutions for your business, such as saving on energy cost, payroll taxes, workman’s comp insurance, or a whole host of other cost saving advantages that View Full →

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“What’s the first thing you think of when you think about George Hutchinson? Great Service!”

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“Hutchinson Business Solutions is a trusted business partner of The Evergreens providing ongoing monitoring of natural gas and electricity markets, projections for future developments, and cost savings via negotiating contracts. George Hutchinson understands his clients’ current needs, anticipates their future expectations, and brings to bear his significant View Full →

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