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Managing multiple branches of a business can be complicated. And those of us in the telecom industry know that network challenges can be particularly hard to navigate when branch locations are involved.

The good news is, issues involving multi-branch security and management can be alleviated with the help of SD-WAN.

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There are many areas to address when managing the WAN for your business. SD-WAN can greatly simplify these elements, especially when it comes to security.

Much of the focus on WAN security involves analysis of outgoing and incoming internet traffic. However, threats often come from within the organization, making WAN segmentation pivotal in preventing an attack in one branch from spreading across the entire network. SD-WAN simplifies WAN segmentation by ensuring that traffic in one segment is limited only to the destinations and sources associated with that particular segment.

SD-WAN also offers interoperability with third-party vendors, helping organizations better meet their need for cutting edge security technology. Businesses can access innovative technologies that include advanced firewalls, cloud-based security, universal threat management, intrusion protection systems, and secure web gateways.

To learn more about how SD-WAN can help you tackle some of your biggest network challenges, contact us today.

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