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Cyber Security Threats Expected to Intensify – Are You Prepared?

November 20, 2017

Our increasing reliance on the internet points to an increase in our vulnerability. While security solutions at home are important, protecting the corporate network is even more so as the variety of users and devices can lead to increased vulnerabilities across the board. Plus, successful hacking can expose proprietary or client information. This puts additional pressure on businesses to put the right controls in place to ensure the network isn’t vulnerable at any point — both today and into the future.

This is perhaps one of the key challenges that any cyber security professional faces: what threats to expect in the future. Fortunately, there are sources paying attention to what’s coming, offering insights for industry and governments. The Internet Society (ISOC) recently released its “Paths to our Digital Future” report, highlighting key changes coming to the internet with the potential to improve outcomes for everyone.

One key element to be examined is that of legacy governmental and regulatory policies. The ISOC expects that both will continue to be counterproductive as new innovations continue to stress frameworks. Companies and governments are starting to embrace artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, and blockchain, all of which offer significant promise — and the potential for threats.

The reality is that the fast pace of innovation and consumer demand does not allow for the right focus to be placed on cyber security. The mere scope and scale of the threats that do and will continue to emerge require collaboration among organizations and industries. This is especially true for government entities with interest in national security. Resulting regulatory actions compromise personal security and privacy, which in turn create vulnerabilities to cyber security threats.

Likewise, the division of resources will draw a clear line between those that have the means to respond to cyber security attacks and those that do not. Companies unable to act accordingly put their own networks at risk and lose the ability to continue to generate additional market opportunities. A failure to demonstrate proper tools, monitoring, and protection can quickly leave a company too vulnerable for other companies to consider business collaboration.

Organizations can’t afford to ignore cyber security plans. When resources and knowledge are lacking, companies like HBS are ready to step in with the right solutions. Our experience in communications alone can lend the right approach to collaboration and solutions to meet your needs. Contact us today to learn more.


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