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A recent article in CFO magazine referenced the results of a Stingers survey:  “Despite the emphasis that corporate income tax often gets in the press and in the state capitols, it typically makes up just 5 to 10 percent of state tax collections.  The real dollars come from property tax, sales tax and the individual income tax.”

“Because states are out of money and seek to close their budget gaps”, wrote one survey respondent, “they are getting money out of audits even when the basis of their argument is unreasonable and unfounded.”

Sales Tax

Many firms think that this is just another cost of doing business and corporations are paying too much.  We can show you how to reduce your sales tax liability and provide tax refunds.

In a mature tax industry, dominated by the Big Four accounting firms, HBS has found a unique niche.  Our professional staff is comprised of former state auditors and tax directors. Do not wait for a call from the state!  We can help you to be pro-active.

HBS offers a no cost validation of your current tax status.
We identify areas of exposure, provide defense against sales tax audit assessments and train your employees, to ensure future savings.  Join our list of satisfied clients that have reduced their tax liability and increased corporate profits.

Payroll Taxes

There is a 50% chance you are overpaying payroll taxes.
US Department of Labor statistics state that if your company has been through a merger, acquisition or restructuring you may have overpayments in multiple areas of payroll taxes. State Unemployment, State Disability, and Social Security are the most prominent areas of overpayment.

Prior to a merger, acquisition, etc. you have completed all due diligence.  You may file all the pertinent papers with the appropriate federal and state tax agencies once the merger is complete.  Who is holding these federal and state agencies accountable?

Many payroll taxes paid up to a specific dollar limit often carry reserves. Statistics indicate up to 50% of the time information is not recorded properly. As a result, rates are incorrectly assigned to the new company.  In so doing, the new corporation pays taxes even though they have already met their maximum tax limits.    HBS offers a no cost validation of your current tax status. You might even qualify for a refund!

Unemployment Taxes

Unemployment is a dollar-in, dollar-out program.
Long overlooked, this is the U.S. Government’s second highest employer-mandated tax. Each claim represents a potential $16,000 liability.

Are you paying the correct claim amount?  In the State of New Jersey, 11% of employers are paying the incorrect amount.  Is your company paying unnecessary claims?  Is your company liable for all or only part of the unemployment claim?  HBS has a team of professionals that can answer all these questions and validate that each claim is registered and paid the correct amount.

These costs are controllable.  We offer a no cost validation of your current tax rate.  We invite you to join our list of satisfied clients who have outsourced their unemployment claims and increased corporate profits.

Property Tax

Minimizing your real and personal property tax is our only business. We are property tax experts. We created the “Proactive Property Tax Solution” to help you minimize real and personal property taxes by resolving issues early, quietly and favorably before they become problems.

We’re Different

  • We are the oldest firm in the business – established in 1935
  • 100% employee owned – results in committed staff and virtually non-existent staff turnover
  • We offer a no cost review of real and/or personal property to identify potential tax savings
  • Our proactive approach resolves most assessments informally, often avoiding lengthy appeals and legal fees
  • Unquestioned ethical standards
  • Staff of senior consultants averaging more than 20 years experience
  • Relationships with clients and taxing jurisdictions are measured in decades
  • Staff members are qualified to serve as instructors for both the Institute for Professionals in Taxation and the International Association of Assessment Officers
  • Most assignments on a fixed fee basis, but contingency fees can be offered following a free review
  • Sensitivity to public relations issues

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