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Digital Transformation 101 The term “digital transformation” is a buzzword in the business technology space. But like many of the newer terms being thrown around in the industry recently, it can be misunderstood. If you’re wondering what digital transformation is, what it would look like for your business, and the role telecom and IT would play in driving it, read on.


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There are myriad ways to define digital transformation, and those definitions can vary widely depending on whom you ask. defines digital transformation as follows: Digital Transformation is the application of digital capabilities to processes, products, and assets to improve efficiency, enhance customer value, manage risk, and uncover new monetization opportunities. Those are all objectives most businesses can get behind. Here are just a few ways companies are approaching digital transformation:

  • Blurring the lines between cloud and on-premises: In the age of digital transformation, cloud-first strategies are cooling off. Businesses now need a balance of flexibility, security, speed, and cost, which often requires a mix of cloud and on-premises solutions.
  • Narrow AI: Digital transformation-focused businesses are homing in on machine learning, also known as “narrow AI.” For certain tasks, narrow AI helps improve reliability and effectiveness over time with experience.
  • Ready-to-use IoT platforms: DIY IoT platforms are becoming a thing of the past. Many major vendors are now offering ready-to-use IoT platforms that help companies get to market faster, cheaper, and with more robust features in their offerings.

The telecom industry is shifting along with the global trend toward digital transformation. Telecom providers are supporting businesses in their digital transformation by providing better as-a-Service offerings and accommodating the need for both cloud and on-premises solutions to help customers move forward. Still have questions about how to drive digital transformation at your organization? Contact us today!

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Some interesting facts for you to consider in your journey to digital transformation: > Only 10% of companies currently describe themselves as fully digital. > 55% of companies without an existing digital transformation program say the timeframe to adopt one is a year or less. > 33% of businesses say their digital transformation efforts have helped them make strong progress in creating new sales channels. > 92% of business say intelligent automation (the combined use of artificial intelligence and automation) will be put to wider use within their company during the next 12 months. > 70% of executives have started the digital transformation of their supply chains. > 71% of digitally maturing companies say they attract new talent based on their digital vision.

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